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Cash 4 Cars

J and B Auto offers these car buying services:

Junk car removal      •      Towing       •      Cash for cars

We can answer any car buying questions you may have!!!

  • How to sell my junk car?
  • Will I get money for my junk car
  • Who will buy my junk car?
  • How will you pay for my junk car?
  • Can I sell my junk car for cash.
  • What is my junk car worth?
  • Should I be selling my car to a junk yard.
  • Do I need a title?
  • How much can I get for my junk car?
  • Sell my car for junk
  • Can I sell you my junk car?
  • Can I donate my car?
  • I want to sell my junk car
  • Where can I sell my car?
  • Junkmycar in Orlando
  • Junk my wreck in Orlando

Call us today (407) 568-2131  Or  1 (800) 432-2952
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